XCP-AC · Air Conditioner / Heater

Air Conditioner keeps the cabinet at operating temperature while keeping out dust, fumes, oil and other contaminants. It operates continuously with a two stage thermostat to ensure a longer compressor life and maintain a 6° temperature range. The integral heater kit includes a thermostat and limiter for frost protection.


• EMI/RFI Suppressor
• Internal Corrosion Protection
• Two Stage Thermostat
• Maintains NEMA 12/3R Rating

Capacity: 2000 BTU/H, 1500 BTU/H at 95°F (35°C).

Maximum 131°F (55°C), minimum -20°F( -28°C).

115/100V, 60/50HZ.

38 lbs. (17 kg).

CR-20U-AC Kooltronics AC on Enclosure

CR-20U-AC Kooltronics AC on Enclosure

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