Gas Sampling Consoles

The XC-60 Source Sampling Console comes with a sample pump, dry gas meter, rotameter, fine and coarse controls valves, and five Type-K thermocouple inputs. Several models available. Suitable for U.S. EPA Methods, NIOSH methods, mold testing, asbestos testing, and more.

The MC-623 Source Sampling Console (MC-623) is applicable for U.S. EPA Methods 6, 11, 26, VOST, and Methods 0030 and 0031. It can be used for any method requiring accurate volume measurement of low sample rates, typically 0.3 to 4 liters per minute. The console is easily serviced by simply unlatching the front panel latches and sliding out the chassis, allowing full access to all components. Standard with all stainless steel fittings and quick connects.

XC-60 Console XC-60 Console Legend MC-623 Console

XC-60 Source Sampling Console

MC-623 Source Sampling Console

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