What are Apex Instruments, Inc. hours of operations?

For your convenience, we are open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am until 5:00 p.m. (EST)

What types of payment does Apex Instruments, Inc. accept?

Apex Instruments, Inc. accepts MasterCard, Visa, American Express and wire transfer. Company purchase orders are acceptable upon credit approval.

How quickly can I receive my order? What are Apex Instruments, Inc. average shipping times?

Most stock item orders are shipped within 24 hours of receipt. Please allow extra time for custom orders. Shipping times vary according to the requested shipping service. If you have questions about your shipment please email our shipping management at shipping@apexinst.com.

How can I be approved for company credit?

To request a credit application, please fill out an Information Request Form or email accounting@apexinst.com. Please allow for processing time

How do I request a product catalog?

Full list of products are represented in our Product Area. For fast information please visit our product area. However, to request a product catalog please fill out our Information Request Form. We will forward you a catalog ASAP.

How do I find a complete list of part numbers and or kit configurations?

Please refer to our price list for a complete list of part numbers and kit configurations. If you do not have a price list you can download our complete Product List as an Adobe Acrobat PDF or fill out an Information Request Form and we will forward a Price List to you.

Does Apex Instruments, Inc. have international distributors?

Yes. Apex Instruments, Inc. has distributors in more than 30 countries worldwide. For a list of our distributors worldwide click here Visit the Distributors Section.

Do I need an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) to return items I have purchased from Apex instruments, Inc.?

Yes. Customers wishing to return items for service or credit need to contact our sales associates for an RMA. Contact sales@apexinst.com, phone (919) 557-7300 or (800) 882-3214, or use the Contact Us form.

What is the temperature rating for your materials?

The temperature rating for our materials can be found below.

Stainless Steel- 650°C (1200°F)
PFA Fittings- 177°C (350°F)
Borosilicate Glass- 480°C (900°F)
Inconel- 980°C (1800°F)
Quartz- 900°C (1650°F)
Viton® O-rings- 260°C (500°C)
Graphite Ferrules-  980°C (1800°F)
Glass Filled PTFE- 315°C (600°F)

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