Method 5

Complete Method Systems:

Method 5 System (with XC-522 Console)
Method 5 System with an XC-5000 Automated Console

System Components:


XC-500 Series Sampling Console
XC-5000 AutoKinetic Sampling Console
XD-502 Digital Method 5 Console


Ei-838 Double Head Diaphragm Sampling Pump
XE-0523 Rotary Vane Pump
XE-0523 Rugged Case Sampling Pump
E-0523 Open Frame Sampling Pump

Umbilical Cable:

Umbilical Cable
Standard Split Back Umbilical Cable







Modular Sample Case:

Modular Sample Case Assembles
Modular Sample Case Assembles








Deluxe Glassware Set

Probes and Liners:

Standard Method 5 Probe








Stainless Steel Nozzle Set
Glass Nozzle Set (NG-SET-S)
Glass Nozzle Set (NG-SET-S)







Modular Pitot Tips:

Modular S-Type Pitot Tip