What do I watch for during the resin recovery involved in SW-846, Method 0010?

During the resin recoveries involved with both Method 0010 (Semi-VOST) and Method 0030 (VOST), observe how the resin beds are handled and stored.  Are they wrapped in hexane-rinsed aluminum foil to minimize outside influences of ultraviolet light, heat and external contamination?  Does each cartridge have a “Certificate of Cleanliness” associated with it’s paperwork?  Is each cartridge inscribed with a unique number/letter to identify that cartridge to that specific test run?  Is the field blank cartridge exposed to the same atmosphere as the sample cartridge during charging and recovering of the sample train?  During your review, observed if the cartridges are properly capped when not in use and that they are stored at < 4C at all times after sampling.  Observe that the Chain-of-Custody (COC) is properly filled out and the cartridges are properly identified on the COC.  Check to see when the cartridges were cleaned (should be on the “Certificate of Cleanliness” sheet and if the sampling date is within 30 days of that date (Both Method 0010 and 0030 require that the clean cartridges must be used within 30 days from cleaning).   Finally, if the cartridge is being used for dioxin/furan sampling (Method 0023A), then insure that proper field surrogates have been applied to the certified clean cartridge prior to sampling (remember, Methods 0010 and 0030 do not require field surrogates to be added to the sample cartridge).

For additional information concerning sorbent recoveries, please contact Mr. Gary McAlister, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, MD-19, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina 27711 (919-541-1062).