Would you consider FTIR as an approved EPA method? What is the reference to the EPA protocol?

Indeed, FTIR is a “main stream “ method for the EPA.  In support of the MACT regulations, EPA has promulgated and proposed several FTIR methods to help states determine whether sources are meeting their emission limits.  Under 40 CFR Part 63, Appendix A, we discussed the various FTIR methods applicable to state to use in their SIP programs as part of the MACT program.  If you remember in our “Sources of Test Methodologies,” Session 4, the 300 series found in 40CFR63 include the following FTIR methods:

  1. Method 320- FTIR Extractive Technique Applicable to Emission Sources

(Proposed March 24, 1998);

  1. Method 321- FTIR For HCl Emissions (Proposed March 24, 1998);
  2. Method 318- FTIR For Phenols, CO, COS, and Methanol (Proposed March 31,                 1997);
  3. Performance Specification Test (PST) 15- FTIR CEMS (Promulgated, Fall,                       1998).

Also remember, as part of The Compendium of Methods for Sampling and Analysis of Organic Compounds in Ambient Air-Second Edition, we have Compendium method TO-16 dedicated for the application of FTIR technology for monitoring organic emissions in the ambient air.  If you would like a copy of this method, just send me an e-mail.  I am the principle author of the Organic Compendium.

For more information about the applicability of FTIR to source emissions, contact Rima Dishskjian of EPA’s EMC at RTP (919-541-0443).