Mobile Emissions Lab

Built for your custom needs.

Every lab we build is different, constructed to accommodate each customer’s specific needs. 

Our personalized process allows you the freedom to choose nearly every component of the lab. The final result is a Mobile Emissions Lab that’s perfectly tailored for your operation. 

Options include but are not limited to those listed below. 

Racks and Rack Accessories 

  • Racks available in sizes 18U to 44U 
  • Hard-wired power strip (6 circuits) 
  • Custom isolator base plates 
  • Custom isolator wall mounts 
  • Additional options available 

Storage Options 

  • Aluminum cabinets 
  • Gas cylinder storage 
  • Probe/liner storage 
  • Equipment storage 
  • Additional options available 

Tow Vehicle Accessories 

  • Weight distribution systems  
  • Truck bed storage systems 
  • Additional options available 

Lighting Options 

  • 110 V interior lighting  
  • 12V interior/exterior lighting 
  • Under-cabinet lighting 
  • Additional options available 

Electrical Options 

  • 120VAC power entry 
  • 240VAC power entry 
  • 480VAC power entry 
  • Generators 

Other Accessories 

  • Wall-mounted regulators 
  • Gas distribution panels 
  • Ducted/non-ducted hoods 
  • Analyzers 
  • Rooftop AC units 
  • Additional options available 

Exterior Graphics 

  • Full wrap 
  • Partial wrap  
  • Lettering only  

The labs are built to fit your needs down to the smallest detail. We can help match you with the options that work best for your testing needs.  

For additional details or a consultation, contact Bo Pritchard at:
(919) 557-7300 Ext. 5742 

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