Meet the new TSG Team

The Apex Instruments Technical Services Group is here to help you get the most out of your products. Our skilled staff is available to help provide training, support, and, troubleshoot your stack testing equipment. Terrance Odom Technical Services Group, (919) 346-5021 Has worked at Apex Instruments for 1 year 2 years of stack testing[…]

Apex Instruments is Recognized for 13 Years of Employee Safety

  Fuquay-Varina—The N.C. Department of Labor recently recognized Apex Instruments as a participant in the Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP) for more than 10 consecutive years. The program recognizes companies for a commitment to the safety and health of their employees. Consultative Services Bureau Chief, Kevin O’Barr, presented company officials with a special[…]

New Manager for TSG – Terrance Odom

We are pleased to announce that our Technical Services Group has a new manager, Terrance Odom. Terrance has directed the TSG division since October 2018 and provides invaluable experience as a stack tester and environmental consultant. Terrance manages the operations involving our calibrations, quality control, and customer support. He is looking to refocus the goals[…]

Engineering the New Gas Chiller

  Our engineers started with the goal of designing a gas conditioner to better suit the needs of stack testers. With this in mind they have developed a gas chiller with 3 key qualities: Light weight Durable Low maintenance Our new thermoelectric chiller comes with a built-in sample pump, three temperature controllers and a built-in[…]

XD-502 Consoles a Huge Hit in the UK

Our newest console, the XD-502, is making waves in the UK. After numerous exciting demonstrations with our UK distributor, several companies have decided to replace their older consoles with our XD-502’s. More than 30 consoles have been requested. Even though UK stack testing is for EN regulations (as opposed to US EPA), the stack testers[…]

Apex Gives Training in SGS Africa and Iceland Offices

  Apex has a unique opportunity to become a stack testing leader in the East Africa region. We have reached out and developed relationships with key people in a country of influence in that area: Kenya. In late 2018, we met with Kenyan government officials and performed training sessions for 5 SGS Africa offices. Through our distributor[…]

Hurricane Florence Update

Apex Instruments Hurricane Florence Update As Hurricane Florence makes its way towards North Carolina it is very likely that our business may be temporarily impacted by this large storm. We will make every effort to keep Apex Instruments open during our normal business hours however we may be affected by loss of power and potential[…]

2018 Walt Smith Summer Stacktesting Class

With a diverse group of enthusiastic students eager to learn about isokinetic stack testing methods, Walt Smith did it again and gave what may be his last performance as a maestro of the subject. The group was quick to learn and were eager to get started with the field test portion of the class. Afterwards,[…]

Apex Visits China and India to Meet with Distributors

Our International Business Development Manager, Mick Zulpo, recently traveled abroad to spend time with some of our international distributors as well as explore new relationships. Our first stop was Tianjin, China to evaluate a new potential distributor, Tianjin Favourite Technologies. Tianjin Favourite is a small company with a staff of experts who have 20 years[…]

Apex Instruments 2018 Roadtrip

Every two years or so Apex Instruments hits the road in an effort to visit as many of our customers throughout the United States as possible. This summer our President, Bill Howe, and our business development guru, Ben Rogers have traveled over 10,000 miles in our company van to show off our new products and[…]

Apex Signs Deal with Chinese Distributor

Throughout this year, we have been visiting China to evaluate a new potential distributor, Tianjin Favourite Technologies. Tianjin Favourite is a small company with a staff of experts who have a combined 20 years of experience selling stack testing equipment. They are especially interested in our lines of products and want to focus on our[…]

Quality time with our Korean Distributor!

We love spending time with our international distributors and we like to take advantage of every opportunity to do so. All of our products that are distributed in South Korea have to pass government verification by a company called Korean Test Laboratory (KRL). Our Korean distributor, ENS Korea sponsored a trip for KTL to come[…]

Apex Instruments Provides Training to KBR

One of our newest members of the team, Terrance Odom, an experienced stack tester, held a personalized training course for government officials representing KBR. They covered methods 1-5 and 201A.          

EPRI, TCEQ and CEM Europe

Our Business Growth representatives have been traveling far and wide this year to make sure that we have a presence at every conference and tradeshow that we are expected at. Good job guys: Ben Roger – Domestic Business Development Manager Mick Zulpo – International Business Development Manager EPRI 2018 – Apex Instruments Booth TCEQ 2018[…]

Apex Instruments Conducts Test on Condensers

Apex Instruments is always innovating and coming up with new product designs and ideas. But each apex innovation has to go through a rigorous series of testing before the products can be approved for market release. During the weeks of the 12th of March, Apex Instruments has been running tests on the efficiency of our[…]

Apex Instruments - Training Session - Sri Lanka

Educating the Stack Testers of Tomorrow in Sri Lanka

Currently, there is no national law that requires stack testing in Sri Lanka. That being said, we predict that sooner rather than later regulations will be passed and thousands of Sri Lankan stacks will have to comply. With this in mind, Apex Instruments sent out a team of knowledgeable experts and representatives to Sri Lanka[…]

30th Anniversary Announcement!

We are happy to announce our 30th year of success! Overview of our 30th Year: We want to show our appreciation to Vance Jones, Jose Phelps, and Brandon Isbell. These loyal employees have worked at Apex Instruments for more than 20 years. Thank you guys. Mick Zulpo has become our leader in International Business Development[…]

Ben Rogers - Domestic Business Development

Say Hello to the Newest Member of our Sales Department!

We are pleased to announce Ben Rogers as the new Domestic Business Development Manager. Ben will be a point of contact for our domestic customers, new and old. Ben first joined Apex Instruments while still in high school only leaving for college and a brief stint as a stack monkey. He has worked in various[…]

New SB-2M Design

Our New SB-2M Design!

You asked. We listened. We are excited to introduce our new SB-2M design with a probe clamp designed for additional structural support.   We admit, our previous model wasn’t perfect. The sheetmetal of the sample box would flex and bend if not properly used. As a response, we thought we would improve the design! The[…]

Apex Instruments at AEP CEMS 2017 Tradeshow

AEP CEMS Tradeshow!

Apex was proud to be part of the first national AEP CEM user group meeting. We enjoyed putting faces to email addresses as well as collaborating and discussing future projects with our partners and customers. Thank you for all your support and positivity. We look forward to continuing our partnerships!  

ENS Now Exclusive Distributor in South Korea

Apex Instruments is proud to announce the appointment of ENS Korea as our exclusive distributor in South Korea. Apex and ENS have a history dating back over 20 years, and with recent developments of making customized products for the Korean market, Apex and ENS hope to continue the success we have had in 2017 for[…]

End of Life Notification: 4 Inch OZ Clamp

Glassware Products No Longer Available: GA-4CZ, GNFA-4Z, GN-CGS4-Z, GN-DGS4-Z Dear Customer, As part of our on-going product management process, we would like to inform you that the Z-style clamp for 4 inch glassware and any sets including it are no longer available for purchase. For further information or assistance please do not hesitate to contact[…]

Apex Instruments at CEMS India

The inaugural CEM India show was a huge success for Apex Instruments Inc! During the 3 day event we had many visitors to the booth inquiring about our new XC-170 system as well as our 30B sorbent trap sampling equipment. Visitors to booth included Shubhanand Mukesh from Tata Steel, Amit and Sumalya from TUV, Hasmukh[…]

EPA Proposed Revisions to Method 202

Here’s an update from the EPA on Method 202. ACTION On August 23, 2017, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed technical revisions and editorial changes to clarify and update the procedures specified in Method 202. Method 202 describes the procedures that stack testers must follow to measure condensable particulate matter (CPM) emissions from stationary[…]

Educating the Stack Testers of Tomorrow!

Walter Smith, one of the founders of stack testing, has completed yet another Stack Testing training class at Apex Instruments. With hands on exercises, engaging discussions, and one of the best class sizes in years, the experience turned out to be a great success. Apex Instruments is proud to be a part of this ongoing[…]