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Mobile Testing Lab for ONLY $49,900! Apex Instruments has your next Mobile Lab ready to leave the lot! Built with custom features, this 14-foot, aluminum trailer is tailored toward the mobile tester’s needs. Featuring: Unique Storage Solutions  Possible Equipment/Pump Closet Accessible from the Exterior  Moduline Wall Cabinets  Moduline Shelving Unit  Carpeted Wall Sections for Protection/Aesthetics  Foam Board Insulation  Wall Mounted E-Track  Interior/Exterior 12V Lighting  Fold Up Worktable  Front Workstation  Laminate
Effective Immediately, 5-Pin Power Connectors will be Standard The 5-pin power connector is the new standard in all our products moving forward (see the photo below). The 5-pin power connector will be on the following products: consoles, sample box assemblies (heated ovens), and umbilical cables. The official End of Life notice was published on our website in 2020 and can be found here: To attach existing 4-pin products, we sell
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Dedicated to providing high-quality sampling products that are convenient to use, Apex Instruments equips all our umbilical junction boxes with a pad eye and carabiner to relieve unnecessary load on umbilical connections and ensure that mating components remain securely connected. When strain reliefs are not properly installed and utilized, the weight of train components can put significant strain on certain parts, typically those that are shortest in length, which can
Apex Instruments is announcing the End of Life (EOL) of the S110 dry gas meter (DGM) effective immediately. The DGM has been discontinued from Apex Instruments products due to supply chain issues.   The S110 will be replaced by the DIGI SK25 dry gas meter. The DIGI-SK25 is fitted with an optical encoder and a LED totalizer which receives incoming pulses and multiplies them by the scaling factor to obtain measured
One of the most common cold-weather challenges for stack testers is effectively maintaining the temperatures of their heated trains. Temperatures falling below the EPA directive can jeopardize the integrity of sample runs.  Insulated blankets are an easy, cost-efficient way of protecting sampling trains against the elements. We offer specially crafted insulated blankets to protect the most vulnerable spots of your sample train against the cold. To learn more, contact the
Apex Instruments started offering aluminum-constructed mobile labs this fall. With the first aluminum mobile lab completed in early October, we anticipate having the second out to the customer by the end of the year.  We considered the stack tester’s need and leveraged years of experience in making the decision to add aluminum to our offerings. There are several factors that contribute to aluminum being a desirable trailer material choice for
The supply chain challenges affecting industries worldwide stretched into trailer production early into the pandemic. Trailer availability dwindled, with orders taking as long as seven months to fulfill. Amidst the chaos, our mobile labs team found a sustainable solution to fulfil our customers’ immediate needs: mobile lab rehab. The team procures used, good quality trailers and transforms them into mobile labs. Once a trailer is secured, the in-house building process
In an ongoing effort to ensure that Apex Instruments is offering the best stack testing solutions, we often revisit EPA methods and our corresponding equipment. During our latest review of the Method 2 and Method 4 combination sampling train, we found several opportunities to improve efficiency and convenience. Heated Sample Line The EPA recommends that a heated sample line be used for Method 4 testing. The heated line improves accuracy
With the recent expansion of our machine shop, we are now able to offer a more complete line of stainless-steel ball and socket adapters. We now manufacture #28 and #12 ball and socket adapters from 1/8-inch up to 5/8-inch.
Our updated Air-Cooled Probe design features a more robust alloy construction. Upgraded to 253MA with a new variable-speed high-capacity blower inside the riser, the new design will extend the life of the probe and increase the airflow by an additional 30%.