14 ft. Aluminum Mobile Lab – Ready for Pickup Today!

Mobile Testing Lab for ONLY $49,900!

Apex Instruments has your next Mobile Lab ready to leave the lot! Built with custom features, this 14-foot, aluminum trailer is tailored toward the mobile tester’s needs.


  • Unique Storage Solutions 
  • Possible Equipment/Pump Closet Accessible from the Exterior 
  • Moduline Wall Cabinets 
  • Moduline Shelving Unit 
  • Carpeted Wall Sections for Protection/Aesthetics 
  • Foam Board Insulation 
  • Wall Mounted E-Track 
  • Interior/Exterior 12V Lighting 
  • Fold Up Worktable 
  • Front Workstation 
  • Laminate Countertop 
  • Multiple 120V Outlets 
  • 9V Outlets 
  • Wall Mounted Monitor 
  • Shelving 
  • Moduline Aluminum Wall Cabinets 
  • Easy Access to Analyzers 
  • 44U Lowell Equipment Rack 
  • Custom Baseplates w/ Isolator Springs 
  • Custom Wall Mount w/ Isolator Springs 

Power solutions are ready to install to fit your specific electrical service entry setup.  Priced at $49,900.00. For inquiries or more information, please contact Bo Pritchard at (919) 346 – 5742 or bpritchard@apexinst.com