30th Anniversary Announcement!

We are happy to announce our 30th year of success!

Overview of our 30th Year:

  • We want to show our appreciation to Vance Jones, Jose Phelps, and Brandon Isbell. These loyal employees have worked at Apex Instruments for more than 20 years. Thank you guys.
  • Mick Zulpo has become our leader in International Business Development
  • Ben Rogers has become our leader in Domestic Business Development
  • Ryan Morgan and Chris Harris have been hired as two promising Design Engineers
  • Terrance Odom, an experienced stack tester, has been added to the Apex team
  • We have committed to becoming an ISO 9000 Certified company
  • We have evaluated numerous ERP systems to find a more efficient replacement
  • Apex Korea was our number one international distributor. Keep up the good work guys!
  • We have updated our Terms and Conditions
  • Our Technical Services Group (TSG) has expanded and is more active than ever before.
  • Production has improved standards to reduce faults found by our QA department.
  • Our Research and Development Department has developed products:
    • Method 17 Console: The XC-170
    • High Temperature 253MA Probes
    • Smaller Console Case: XC-M8U
    • New Digital Method 5 Console: XC-502
    • New Modular Console Electronics Package

We couldn’t have done it without our partners and our customers. We are very grateful for all of you.

Thank you

~ The Apex Team