Apex Instruments Conducts Test on Condensers

Apex Instruments is always innovating and coming up with new product designs and ideas.

But each apex innovation has to go through a rigorous series of testing before the products can be approved for market release.

During the weeks of the 12th of March, Apex Instruments has been running tests on the efficiency of our water condensers.

The test sample environment was created using a propane-based Mr. Heater heating blower which created most of the sample gases you expect in a combustion stack, including CO2, CO, NO, NO2, and C3H8. An SO2 injection was provided upstream of the filter intake to ensure that the sample was representative of a typical combustion stack sample.

The reason water condensers play such an important role is that if and when SO2 is exposed to H2O in the form of water vapor, it reacts with it and becomes H2SO4, sulfuric acid, a reaction that biases the SO2 levels low in a sample extract.

Two FTIR analyzers were used for this experiment – a gasmet FTIR 4400 and an MKS Multigas 2030 Analyzer. Solid particulates were extracted using a high grade filter. The sample temperature was set at 900 ºF.


The sample was first run through the condenser then to the two analyzers. Then we ran the sample directly into the analyzers.

And the results were… exactly as expected! The condenser was able to remove more than 95 percent of the moisture in the sample and all of the gas analyzer numbers supported this conclusion!

We couldn’t be more excited that your future products are passing the necessary tests for you to be able to use them!