Apex Instruments Inc. Introduces PEAK32 Metering Console Series

Apex Instruments has launched PEAK32 TOP TIER TECHNOLOGY, an advanced, multi-functional metering console series powered by the PIC-32 microcontroller module and featuring a backlit sunlight-readable display. Peak 32 consoles are built to be rugged, compact, and cost-effective. The XD-502 Gen 2 is the latest release in the series currently in production.

The Apex Instruments PEAK32 metering console series revolutionizes console displays by combining backlighting and sunlight readability, two features that are seldom found together in the same display.  The compact PIC-32 microcontroller acts as a central processor that accepts multi-sensory data and incorporates  data logging capabilities. Previously, different functions within the console would be performed by multiple discrete units. By removing separate individual components, PEAK32 provides up to 50% savings depending on the unit. The consolidation also allows for more convenient maintenance.  Apex Instruments incorporates protection into the PIC-32 module to help it survive harsh testing environments.

“Our new PEAK32 technology is the perfect example of how Apex Instruments continues to innovate products for our customers to compete in an ever-changing regulatory landscape,” said William Howe, President of Apex Instruments. “We are committed to providing stack testers equipment that is versatile, easy to use, and cost-effective The PEAK32 line of metering consoles offers all that and more.”