Apex Instruments New Website Goes LIVE!

Apex Instruments is proud to announce the launch of our newly redesigned website.

We now feature an interactive navigation with an on-site blog to serve as a resource for company and industry related news about the source testing equipment industry.

Some of our favorite features of our new site are:

Custom Designed and Developed WordPress Website with User Friendly Interface

Our WordPress website offers clear navigation to our visitors, making our home page, company information, products and services, and contact information easily accessible.

Responsive Web Design For User-Friendly Viewing on Mobile and Tablet Devices

This is an exciting new feature to our redesigned website. Our site will respond and adapt according to the orientation of our visitor’s screen size and resolution. Our visitors can view our website on varying platforms, including smartphones, tablets.

Advanced Product Search Functionality

One of the most useful features of our new WordPress website is the search for products function. We have an extensive inventory and many of our products are showcased through our new website. The advanced product search functionality improves the overall user-experience of our website and helps our customers save time while they are shopping.

Overall, we are very proud of our site.

We hope can grow to enjoy it and be proud of it with us!