Apex Signs Deal with Chinese Distributor

Throughout this year, we have been visiting China to evaluate a new potential distributor, Tianjin Favourite Technologies. Tianjin Favourite is a small company with a staff of experts who have a combined 20 years of experience selling stack testing equipment. They are especially interested in our lines of products and want to focus on our products for their industry and no others. We appreciate this kind of attention. More to the point, we appreciate it when our customers get that kind of attention. We were impressed with Tianjin Favourite’s operation and have asked them join our team of international distributors.

Newest Apex Instruments Distributor:

Tianjin Favourite Technologies Co. Ltd.
No. 701, 5th Gate, Yuxing Xili, Hongqiao District,
Tianjin, China

Contact: Mr. Miao Yu (苗雨)
Email: miaoyuak47@163.com
Phone: +86 136 8213 5269