Apex Visits China and India to Meet with Distributors

Our International Business Development Manager, Mick Zulpo, recently traveled abroad to spend time with some of our international distributors as well as explore new relationships.

Mick Zulpo and Miao Yu of Tianjin Favourite Technologies in Tianjin, China.

Our first stop was Tianjin, China to evaluate a new potential distributor, Tianjin Favourite Technologies. Tianjin Favourite is a small company with a staff of experts who have 20 years of experience selling stack testing equipment. They are especially interested in our lines of products and want to focus on our products for their industry and no others. We appreciate this kind of attention. More to the point, we appreciate it when our customers get that kind of attention. Overall, we were impressed with Tianjin Favourite’s operation and are eager to have them join our team of international distributors.

Go Green Mechanism and local university students learning to put together a US EPA Method 17 System.

The second destination was Ahmedabad, India where we visited one of our new distributors, Go Green Mechanism, to provide stack testing training and an on-site demonstration. Go Green is a multi-service company that offers stack testing, water and ambient air testing and lab services who has recently made the decision to sell isokinetic stack testing to their customers. They caught our attention immediately due to the depth of their knowledge and expertise in the industry and their ability to provide helpful support to customers that buy our equipment from them. We brought a method 17 system and gave Go Green, along with 15 stack testing students from a local university, training and an on-site field test. We are confident that this training was exactly what Go Green needed to provide adequate service and support to their customers for our sampling systems.

Go Green Mechanism, Ahemdabad, India