July 2022 Road Trip

Tyler Mills, Apex Instruments’ Domestic Sales Representative, will be out on the road July 5th – 15th.  Starting in Austin, TX, with scheduled stops in Houston, Dallas, Tulsa, Nashville and Knoxville, Tyler will have our company van loaded with the latest equipment and some great promotional items.    Contact Tyler Mills tmills@apexinst.com to set up an[…]

Gear Up for Winter with Insulated Blankets

One of the most common cold-weather challenges for stack testers is effectively maintaining the temperatures of their heated trains. Temperatures falling below the EPA directive can jeopardize the integrity of sample runs.  Insulated blankets are an easy, cost-efficient way of protecting sampling trains against the elements. We offer specially crafted insulated blankets to protect the[…]

Nozzle Calibration and Serial Number Engraving

Apex Instruments is now offering nozzle calibrations and serial number engraving. Nozzle diameters will be calibrated to meet US EPA Method 5 requirements. Stainless steel and alloy 600 nozzles will be physically engraved to display the nozzle diameter, part number, and unique ID. All other nozzles will be identified by certificate only. This service can be[…]

New Stainless Steel Ball and Socket Adapters

With the recent expansion of our machine shop, we are now able to offer a more complete line of stainless-steel ball and socket adapters. We now manufacture #28 and #12 ball and socket adapters from 1/8-inch up to 5/8-inch.

Updated Air-Cooled Probe Design with Blower Riser

Our updated Air-Cooled Probe design features a more robust alloy construction. Upgraded to 253MA with a new variable-speed high-capacity blower inside the riser, the new design will extend the life of the probe and increase the airflow by an additional 30%.

Machine Shop Expansion

Apex instruments has recently expanded its machine shop by acquiring an additional Haas CNC lathe. The new lathe increases our capacity to restock our inventory when faced with supply chain delays, which are currently at an all-time high. It also provides additional options for a faster turnaround time to meet the needs of custom fabrication[…]

Hose Barb Joints Being Replaced with GL-18

To provide a safer option for installing and removing tubing, we have started the process of converting our hose barbs to GL-18 threaded joints on all glassware that connects to tubing. A plastic glass hose barb is inserted inside a cap and the cap is screwed onto the GL-18 thread. Installing the tubing onto the plastic hose barb instead of onto[…]

Apex Instruments Receives Grade A Vendor Rating

For the second year in a row, Apex Instruments has received a vendor rating of A from our distributor partner in Thailand, Sithiporn Associates. This evaluation is performed in accordance with their ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System. Apex was evaluated and received an A on the following parameters: quality, pricing, and delivery.

Now Offering Silicone Ferrules

Apex Instruments is now offering 5/8-inch silicone ferrules. Silicone ferrules provide a consistent, leak-free connection and reduce slippage. Ideal for glass liners and nozzles.

SBR-93CFM Riser with Built-in Air Blower

Increased Blower Capacity

We have upgraded the motor in our Blower Riser from a single-stage to a two-stage motor. The flow has increased by approximately 25%.

Airdas – Data Acquisition System – On Its Way

Utilizing the help of a valuable demo testing group, we have made significant progress with our upcoming data acquisition system, Airdas. Airdas will pair a specially made data controller with our own custom, adaptable software for RATA testing in addition to compliance and engineering instrumental testing needs. In unity with our AFD-510 Flow Drawer, Airdas will[…]

Meet Jake Bush – Our Newest Member of the TSG Team

Jake Bush Environmental Service Technicianjbush@apexinst.com, (919) 346-8122 Jake joined Apex Instruments in June 2020. Since then, Jake’s experience and expertise has become an invaluable asset to our Technical Services Group and Calibration Lab. 4 1/2 years of stack testing experience Field experience with various stack testing methods, such as Methods 1-5, 8A, 9, 22, 23, 26A,[…]

New Quote Cart System

We have recently updated our Quote Cart system. Quotes can be requested via the website as previously but with an updated procedure. You can add products to your Quote Cart on each product page as well as on product category pages. When you are finished selecting your products for a quote, you can go to[…]

Strain Relief Added to Umbilical Cables

We have improved our umbilical cable design by adding a braided metal wire to reduce the amount of tension created on the umbilical cable connections. Contact an Apex Instruments sales representative for more information.

Implementation of New Software

We are currently implementing our new Customer Relationship Management software, OnContact CRM. OnContact CRM is a web-based CRM tool that integrates with our new ERP system. OnContact provides insightful analysis and convenient access and to a variety of our customer data. We are excited about the powerful capabilities of this software and look forward to[…]

Part Number Changes

In an effort to increase the accuracy of our internal database of information, Apex Instruments has recently updated its product legends. As a result, many part numbers for our products have changed and should be carefully noted in the following areas: The part number suffix for a 240V version of a product New system of[…]

New Distributor in Turkey: Avrupa

A recent change in the flow measurement regulations in Turkey is opening up an opportunity for our newest Turkish distributor, Avrupa. Their plan is to bring the Apex Instruments XC-3D55 Flow Measurement System to Turkish stack testing companies that need to adapt to the recent regulatory. The regulation change requires a 3-dimensional pitot tube to[…]

NC’s Small Business Person of the Year

Congratulations to our president, William Howe, on being declared North Carolina’s Small Business Person of the Year! Each year, the U.S. Small Business Association (SBA) selects one individual from each of the 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Guam to be the Small Business Person of the Year[…]

Leading the Industry in India

The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), the Indian equivalent of the EPA, has purchased Apex Instruments equipment to use for Method 23 reference testing. The acquisition of this tender will make it easier for local state environmental agencies to purchase Apex Instruments equipment as well. Go Green Mechanisms, our newest distributor in India, was instrumental[…]

End of Life: 4-pin Amphenol Connector

We have been notified by the vendor that the Amphenol 4-pin console power outlet connector will no longer be available. We will continue to offer our remaining stock and the 5-pin power connectors will become the standard in all our products. Affected products include consoles, sample box assemblies (heated ovens), umbilical cables, and probes. More[…]

Software and Firmware

Are you running the correct firmware (console-based) and software (PC-based) for your Apex Instruments sampling equipment? Our technical services team is constantly working to improve our firmware and software by fixing bugs and making performance enhancements to the firmware and software of our products such as the XC-5000, XC-30B, XC-6000, STM-12B, and the XD-502. An updated[…]

New Chilling Technology for our STM-12B Mercury System

The engineering department at Apex has always had its eye on the potential of thermoelectric technology to be able to cool the gas for moisture removal. However, the development of such a chiller was postponed due to the lack of adequately durable and reliable thermoelectric modules (Peltier elements). After having discovered the advantages and capabilities[…]

End of Life: Sterling Gas Cooler, SGC-4000Hg

After 15 years of using Stirling Coolers to cool and remove moisture from sample gas in our mercury sampling systems, Apex Instruments is switching over to thermoelectric technology. The cooler used in the STM-12B Mercury System as a replacement is the TEC-4000Hg. Additional gas coolers and condensers will be offered for various gas-chilling needs; each[…]

State of the Company 2020

A State of The Company address can be expected to be full of overexaggerated praise and accolades. This year, however, the yearly tribute was well-deserved. The company met and exceeded several goals during the 2019 calendar year including revenues, product quality control standards, and new product development releases. The year was not without challenges, for[…]


New GA-3T Design

Notice: New GA-3T Design Based on customer feedback, we have redesigned the GA-3T filter support. On the side that touches the filter, the O-ring and the groove are wider and closer to the edge of the disk, such that the filter does not contact the O-ring. This positioning creates more space in the center of[…]