End of Life: S110 Dry Gas Meter

Apex Instruments is announcing the End of Life (EOL) of the S110 dry gas meter (DGM) effective immediately. The DGM has been discontinued from Apex Instruments products due to supply chain issues.   The S110 will be replaced by the DIGI SK25 dry gas meter. The DIGI-SK25 is fitted with an optical encoder and a LED[…]

New Master Distributor for Chinese Market – Tianjin Favourite Technology Co., Ltd.

Tianjin Favourite Technologies Co. Ltd., has been announced as the official Apex Instruments master distributor in China. The partnership between Apex Instruments and Tianjin Favourite Technologies began in early 2018. Tainjin Favourite Technologies is a leading distributor for source sampling solutions in the Chinese market. The company was started by Mr. Miao Yu over ten[…]

Why Aluminum Trailers are the Future of Mobile Labs

Apex Instruments started offering aluminum-constructed mobile labs this fall. With the first aluminum mobile lab completed in early October, we anticipate having the second out to the customer by the end of the year.  We considered the stack tester’s need and leveraged years of experience in making the decision to add aluminum to our offerings.[…]

Mobile Lab Rehab: Creatively Solving the Supply Chain Challenges of Today

The supply chain challenges affecting industries worldwide stretched into trailer production early into the pandemic. Trailer availability dwindled, with orders taking as long as seven months to fulfill. Amidst the chaos, our mobile labs team found a sustainable solution to fulfil our customers’ immediate needs: mobile lab rehab. The team procures used, good quality trailers[…]

Improvements to Method 2/4 Combination Sampling Train

In an ongoing effort to ensure that Apex Instruments is offering the best stack testing solutions, we often revisit EPA methods and our corresponding equipment. During our latest review of the Method 2 and Method 4 combination sampling train, we found several opportunities to improve efficiency and convenience. Heated Sample Line The EPA recommends that[…]