14 ft. Aluminum Mobile Lab – Ready for Pickup Today!

Mobile Testing Lab for ONLY $49,900! Apex Instruments has your next Mobile Lab ready to leave the lot! Built with custom features, this 14-foot, aluminum trailer is tailored toward the mobile tester’s needs. Featuring: Power solutions are ready to install to fit your specific electrical service entry setup.  Priced at $49,900.00. For inquiries or more[…]

End of Life: 4-pin Amphenol Power Connector

Effective Immediately, 5-Pin Power Connectors will be Standard The 5-pin power connector is the new standard in all our products moving forward (see the photo below). The 5-pin power connector will be on the following products: consoles, sample box assemblies (heated ovens), and umbilical cables. The official End of Life notice was published on our[…]

Alleviate Tension on Parts with Convenient Strain Reliefs 

Dedicated to providing high-quality sampling products that are convenient to use, Apex Instruments equips all our umbilical junction boxes with a pad eye and carabiner to relieve unnecessary load on umbilical connections and ensure that mating components remain securely connected. When strain reliefs are not properly installed and utilized, the weight of train components can[…]

End of Life: S110 Dry Gas Meter

Apex Instruments is announcing the End of Life (EOL) of the S110 dry gas meter (DGM) effective immediately. The DGM has been discontinued from Apex Instruments products due to supply chain issues.   The S110 will be replaced by the DIGI SK25 dry gas meter. The DIGI-SK25 is fitted with an optical encoder and a LED[…]

Gear Up for Winter with Insulated Blankets

One of the most common cold-weather challenges for stack testers is effectively maintaining the temperatures of their heated trains. Temperatures falling below the EPA directive can jeopardize the integrity of sample runs.  Insulated blankets are an easy, cost-efficient way of protecting sampling trains against the elements. We offer specially crafted insulated blankets to protect the[…]

Why Aluminum Trailers are the Future of Mobile Labs

Apex Instruments started offering aluminum-constructed mobile labs this fall. With the first aluminum mobile lab completed in early October, we anticipate having the second out to the customer by the end of the year.  We considered the stack tester’s need and leveraged years of experience in making the decision to add aluminum to our offerings.[…]

Mobile Lab Rehab: Creatively Solving the Supply Chain Challenges of Today

The supply chain challenges affecting industries worldwide stretched into trailer production early into the pandemic. Trailer availability dwindled, with orders taking as long as seven months to fulfill. Amidst the chaos, our mobile labs team found a sustainable solution to fulfil our customers’ immediate needs: mobile lab rehab. The team procures used, good quality trailers[…]

Improvements to Method 2/4 Combination Sampling Train

In an ongoing effort to ensure that Apex Instruments is offering the best stack testing solutions, we often revisit EPA methods and our corresponding equipment. During our latest review of the Method 2 and Method 4 combination sampling train, we found several opportunities to improve efficiency and convenience. Heated Sample Line The EPA recommends that[…]

New Stainless Steel Ball and Socket Adapters

With the recent expansion of our machine shop, we are now able to offer a more complete line of stainless-steel ball and socket adapters. We now manufacture #28 and #12 ball and socket adapters from 1/8-inch up to 5/8-inch.

Updated Air-Cooled Probe Design with Blower Riser

Our updated Air-Cooled Probe design features a more robust alloy construction. Upgraded to 253MA with a new variable-speed high-capacity blower inside the riser, the new design will extend the life of the probe and increase the airflow by an additional 30%.

Hose Barb Joints Being Replaced with GL-18

To provide a safer option for installing and removing tubing, we have started the process of converting our hose barbs to GL-18 threaded joints on all glassware that connects to tubing. A plastic glass hose barb is inserted inside a cap and the cap is screwed onto the GL-18 thread. Installing the tubing onto the plastic hose barb instead of onto[…]

Now Offering Silicone Ferrules

Apex Instruments is now offering 5/8-inch silicone ferrules. Silicone ferrules provide a consistent, leak-free connection and reduce slippage. Ideal for glass liners and nozzles.

SBR-93CFM Riser with Built-in Air Blower

Increased Blower Capacity

We have upgraded the motor in our Blower Riser from a single-stage to a two-stage motor. The flow has increased by approximately 25%.

Airdas – Data Acquisition System – On Its Way

Utilizing the help of a valuable demo testing group, we have made significant progress with our upcoming data acquisition system, Airdas. Airdas will pair a specially made data controller with our own custom, adaptable software for RATA testing in addition to compliance and engineering instrumental testing needs. In unity with our AFD-510 Flow Drawer, Airdas will[…]

Strain Relief Added to Umbilical Cables

We have improved our umbilical cable design by adding a braided metal wire to reduce the amount of tension created on the umbilical cable connections. Contact an Apex Instruments sales representative for more information.

Part Number Changes

In an effort to increase the accuracy of our internal database of information, Apex Instruments has recently updated its product legends. As a result, many part numbers for our products have changed and should be carefully noted in the following areas: The part number suffix for a 240V version of a product New system of[…]

End of Life: 4-pin Amphenol Connector

We have been notified by the vendor that the Amphenol 4-pin console power outlet connector will no longer be available. We will continue to offer our remaining stock and the 5-pin power connectors will become the standard in all our products. Affected products include consoles, sample box assemblies (heated ovens), umbilical cables, and probes. More[…]

New Chilling Technology for our STM-12B Mercury System

The engineering department at Apex has always had its eye on the potential of thermoelectric technology to be able to cool the gas for moisture removal. However, the development of such a chiller was postponed due to the lack of adequately durable and reliable thermoelectric modules (Peltier elements). After having discovered the advantages and capabilities[…]

End of Life: Sterling Gas Cooler, SGC-4000Hg

After 15 years of using Stirling Coolers to cool and remove moisture from sample gas in our mercury sampling systems, Apex Instruments is switching over to thermoelectric technology. The cooler used in the STM-12B Mercury System as a replacement is the TEC-4000Hg. Additional gas coolers and condensers will be offered for various gas-chilling needs; each[…]


New GA-3T Design

Notice: New GA-3T Design Based on customer feedback, we have redesigned the GA-3T filter support. On the side that touches the filter, the O-ring and the groove are wider and closer to the edge of the disk, such that the filter does not contact the O-ring. This positioning creates more space in the center of[…]

Engineering the New Gas Chiller

  Our engineers started with the goal of designing a gas conditioner to better suit the needs of stack testers. With this in mind they have developed a gas chiller with 3 key qualities: Light weight Durable Low maintenance Our new thermoelectric chiller comes with a built-in sample pump, three temperature controllers and a built-in[…]

New SB-2M Design

Our New SB-2M Design!

You asked. We listened. We are excited to introduce our new SB-2M design with a probe clamp designed for additional structural support.   We admit, our previous model wasn’t perfect. The sheetmetal of the sample box would flex and bend if not properly used. As a response, we thought we would improve the design! The[…]

End of Life Notification: 4 Inch OZ Clamp

Glassware Products No Longer Available: GA-4CZ, GNFA-4Z, GN-CGS4-Z, GN-DGS4-Z Dear Customer, As part of our on-going product management process, we would like to inform you that the Z-style clamp for 4 inch glassware and any sets including it are no longer available for purchase. For further information or assistance please do not hesitate to contact[…]

End of Life Notification

End of Life Notification – Dry Gas Meter – Model: SK25EX 360 June 30th 2017 Equipment Affected: Mercury Sorbent Trap Samplers Models: XC-6000, XC-30B, STM-12B Dear Customer, As part of our on-going product lifecycle management process, the above systems will be affected by the introduction of our superior model SK25EX 100 Dry Gas Meter. The[…]

SFA-2590 Part Change Notice

The enhanced SFA-2590 has evolved in several positive significant ways.  Compared to the original, the enhanced model: Is 50% lighter making it easier to carry and handle. Will accept a Teflon (GF-2590T), Quartz Silica (GF-2590Q) or Borosilicate Micro-Fiber (GF-2590) filter. Has a reduced diameter which means less blockage of the stack by about 2 square[…]