Educating the Stack Testers of Thailand

In July, Needis Supply Instruments invited Apex Instruments to Bangkok to help teach an educational seminar to local stack testing companies. Approximately 60 industry professionals attended, representing 14 different companies.

Mick Zulpo presented on 4 topics during the seminar: Method 30B, Method 201A, Method PS-11, and the Isokinetic Console XD-502. Additionally, an isokinetic system, provided by Needis, was used for hands-on demonstration of sampling theory.

The recent UN Minamata Convention on Mercury was the catalyst for this seminar. The Minamata Convention is the first new global convention on environment and health adopted in close to a decade. More than 100 different counties are signatories and should expect to see mercury emissions related changed within the next 3 years. For more information, go to

If you are interested in hosting stack testing education, contact Mick Zulpo at to see how we may be able to provide assistance.