End of Life Notification

End of Life Notification – Dry Gas Meter – Model: SK25EX 360

June 30th 2017

Equipment Affected: Mercury Sorbent Trap Samplers

Models: XC-6000, XC-30B, STM-12B

Dear Customer,

As part of our on-going product lifecycle management process, the above systems will be affected by the introduction of our superior model SK25EX 100 Dry Gas Meter.

The following systems will be affected by this change and will require software upgrade in order to continue to operate with the new replacement Dry Gas Meter.

The systems and software versions affected will be:

XC-6000 Series, software 91205X-100 (and earlier)

XC-30B Series, software 320N-116

STM12B Series, software 91205X-100

The latest version of the STMS software is available for download from our website www.apexinst.com from the Main Page – select ‘Resources’

From ‘Resources’ select ‘Software’

From ’Software’ select ‘STM-12B, XC6000, XC30B (c60603-1023n)’

In addition, please see document ’Firmware Upgrade Procedure’ which will assist you with the download process.

For further information or assistance please do not hesitate to contact our

Technical Support Group on: 800-882-3214