Field Product Modification Advisory

For more information on how to modify your product, click on this link to download the step-by-step PDF file.

Purpose of Notification:

Apex Instruments has been manufacturing source testing equipment since 1988. During this time, we have not become aware of any serious injuries from the use of our products or services. We are proud of this record and work very hard to assure this record stays intact.

Recently, we became aware that there are some additional steps that can be taken to enhance the functionality of our equipment. We have already made the changes to our production of new equipment. However, we believe that there is benefit to enhancing units that are currently being utilized in the field.
Accordingly, this notification will tell you how to make the advised changes to enhance our products functionality.

Reason for Notification:

Stack Testing is an activity that occurs in a highly electrically charged environment. The heat, velocities, and other criteria creates a high electrical charge within the gasses inside a stack. These charges can easily be transferred to the probe assembly during testing. This charge can be strong. If this charge is discharged through a person, then the potential exists to cause pain, injury or death. That is why, to assure proper safe operation, a stack tester must follow proper equipment grounding procedures at all times. This practice must be followed with any supplier’s equipment including Apex Instruments equipment.

Part of a proper grounding procedure would be to ground the sampling unit, probe assembly (including and hot and cold box) and the umbilical cord between the sampler and the probe box to a common ground point. By following this procedure, all devices will be properly grounded.

However, if the procedures are not followed correctly, then it would be possible for a charge to build up in the test equipment. This accumulated charge would then discharge when a suitable ground means become apparent. To prevent this from happening improperly, we are advising field changes to the wiring of the connector that connects the umbilical cord to the sampler.

For more information on how to modify your product, click on this link to download the step-by-step PDF file.