Hose Barb Joints Being Replaced with GL-18

To provide a safer option for installing and removing tubing, we have started the process of converting our hose barbs to GL-18 threaded joints on all glassware that connects to tubing. A plastic glass hose barb is inserted inside a cap and the cap is screwed onto the GL-18 thread. Installing the tubing onto the plastic hose barb instead of onto the glass hose barb reduces the potential for injury and damage to the glassware.

The following products will be affected:

  • GN-9BJ
  • GT-9BJ
  • GNM-HC-M23
  • GNM-T
  • GNM-TP
  • GN-VC
  • GN-VCHM-M202
  • GN-VC-M202
  • GN-VC-M202A
  • VG-34
  • VG-125/18WJ
  • GN-18
  • GN-18B