Hose Barb Joints Being Replaced with GL-18

All products that currently use a hose barb to connect tubing will have the hose barbs replaced with GL-18 threads. The GL-18 screw thread is safer because the hose barbs could potentially break during installation and removal. The GL-18 screw thread is used with a plastic hose barb that is inserted inside a cap and then screwed onto the glass thread. See figure above.

The following products will be affected:

  • GN-9BJ
  • GT-9BJ
  • GNM-HC-M23
  • GNM-T
  • GNM-TP
  • GN-VC
  • GN-VCHM-M202
  • GN-VC-M202
  • GN-VC-M202A
  • VG-34
  • VG-125/18WJ
  • GN-18
  • GN-18B