Meet the new TSG Team

The Apex Instruments Technical Services Group is here to help you get the most out of your products.

Our skilled staff is available to help provide training, support, and, troubleshoot your stack testing equipment.

Terrance Odom

Technical Services Group Manager, (919) 346-5021

  • Has worked at Apex Instruments for 7 years
  • 7 years of stack testing and environmental consulting experience
  • Field experience with various stack testing methods such as Method(s) 1-5, 8A, 9, 22, 26A, 29, 23, 202, CTM-013B, CTM-039 etc.

Jackson Yarbrough

Senior Service Technician, (919) 346-5748

  • Has worked at Apex Instruments for 9 years
  • Experienced with all AI products
    • Focus on mercury (Hg) equipment, software, and troubleshooting
  • Strong ability to understand customer needs involving parts and troubleshooting AI equipment
  • Experience regarding Hg sampling involving PS-12B

Jake Bush

Environmental Service Technician, (919) 346-8122