Silica Gel Change

Apex Instrument’s Silica Gel has changed

Apex Instruments Inc. would like to notify all of our customers that we will be replacing the Blue Silica gel (part # SG-3/5B) with orange silica gel (part # SG-2/4O). This new orange silica gel will be a direct substitution for the old blue silica gel. We are making this change due to superior environmentally friendly characteristics of the orange silica gel over the blue, which has been found to carry heavy metals.

Replacement silica gel for acid canisters should be ordered under the new part number. All new mercury sorbent trap systems will ship from our factory with the new silica gel as the standard. We would also like to note that the silica gel changes color from orange to green.

If you have any questions about this change, please contact Apex Instruments Inc at (919) 557-7300 or