State of the Company 2020

A State of The Company address can be expected to be full of overexaggerated praise and accolades. This year, however, the yearly tribute was well-deserved. The company met and exceeded several goals during the 2019 calendar year including revenues, product quality control standards, and new product development releases. The year was not without challenges, for example, the implementation of a new ERP system, but overall, the company is growing and each department is becoming more efficient.

Commendations were delivered to nine employees for 10+ years of work and to two employees for 23+ years of work at Apex Instruments.

Our president, Bill Howe, congratulating our two most veteran employees, Brandon Isbel and Jose Phelps.

At the end of our State of the Company address, all employees participated in a team-building exercise. We split into teams and were challenged to use a random assortment of materials to protect an egg from breaking during a fall.

Mr. Howe, our fearless leader, dropped the eggs from an elevated cage to determine the winner.

The dropping of the winning egg in the contest.