Why Aluminum Trailers are the Future of Mobile Labs

Apex Instruments started offering aluminum-constructed mobile labs this fall. With the first aluminum mobile lab completed in early October, we anticipate having the second out to the customer by the end of the year. 

We considered the stack tester’s need and leveraged years of experience in making the decision to add aluminum to our offerings. There are several factors that contribute to aluminum being a desirable trailer material choice for mobile labs.

Lighter Load

Aluminum trailers are roughly fifteen percent lighter than steel trailers on average. This difference in weight allows vehicles with lower tow capacity to pull aluminum trailers, so hefty trucks and SUVs are no longer a requirement. The varied options for towing vehicles will give stack testers much more flexibility in their operations.

As a bonus, the decreased weight also lends to better gas mileage, greater load capacity, and less wear on the towing vehicle.


One of the biggest draws of aluminum trailers is their resistance to rust. Steel inevitably rusts over time. This can be especially troublesome in places with high exposure to salts such as colder regions with salted roads or coastal areas. Rust damage can compromise the structural integrity of the trailer when left unchecked. At the same time, repairing rust damage can be costly. Aluminum trailers shield owners from these issues.

Easy Maintenance

Aluminum trailers also provide the appealing advantage of being low maintenance. They don’t require as much upkeep as their steel counterparts. To safeguard against rust, steel trailers need to be periodically repainted. Comparatively, aluminum trailers only need to be acid washed once every few years to refresh their exterior appearance. Even then, this is an optional measure for cosmetic purposes.

The increased popularity of aluminum trailers across industries has also made repairs much cheaper than they were in the past.

Longer Lifespan

Their resistance to rust and lightweight gives aluminum trailers a longer lifespan. In fact, their high resale value can be heavily attributed to this long life expectancy.