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Mercury Probes

PS 12 and Method 30B Probes come in standard lengths of 4’, 6’ and 9’. Appendix K Probes are constructed from Alloy C276 for long-term use in extremely corrosive conditions. Type-K thermocouples are used to monitor, trap, stack and probe temperatures. Method 30B Probes come standard in stainless steel with Type-K thermocouples to monitor trap and stack temperatures. Both probes are designed for two 10 mm diameter traps (smaller trap adapters also available). The paired sorbent traps are inserted at the inlet end of the probe, using leak tight compression fittings before inserting directly into the flue gas stream.

The probe is heated to prevent any liquid condensation in the sorbent traps. An insulated, powder-coated aluminum probe head enclosure minimizes condensation at the junction between the probe and the heated umbilical/sample line.