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PFA Components

  • PFA Filter Assemblies

    PFA Filter Assemblies (4)

    Used in Method 26 for HCI emissions, Apex Instruments PFA filter assemblies come in 25-mm and 47-mm designs. The 25-mm design includes high-temperature PFA clamp nuts and 1/4-inch tube fittings as standard. The 47-mm design comes with 1/4-inch tube fittings, however 1/4-inch male pipe fittings or 3/8-inch tube fittings are optional.

  • PFA Impingers

    PFA Impingers (15)

    Although used primarily as SO2 scrubbers for U.S. EPA Method 16A, determination of total reduced sulfur emissions from stationary sources, the T507G impinger can be used in other procedures such as Methods 5 and 6 (hexavalent chrome).

  • PFA Male Run Tee

    PFA Male Run Tee (1)

  • PFA Reducing Union

    PFA Reducing Union (3)

  • PFA Union Elbows

    PFA Union Elbows (3)

  • PFA Unions

    PFA Unions (2)

  • PFA Column Components

    PFA Column Components (12)

    PFA column components are PFA fluorocarbon resin and inert to virtually all chemicals. All are usable for a wide variety of temperature ranges from below 32°F to 500°F (0°C to 260°C). The individual components can be assembled for a variety of uses. Components can be purchased separately and assemble according to project specifications.