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Sintrol Distributor Map

Professional experience of more than 35 years!

We are committed to the success of our customers and want to build long lasting relationships to offer solutions which bring value for the customer long term. Different customers have different needs. This is why we are constantly improving our product development, technical services and support to drive our customer’s success.

Sintrol Oy was founded in 1975 specializing in measurement solutions focused on municipal, industrial and environmental technologies. Since 1993, Sintrol has grown into one of the world’s largest dust monitor manufacturers supplying a wide range of dust measurement devices. Sintrol’s revolutionary dust monitors have been developed and enhanced with state of the art equipment and verified by Finland’s foremost technical universities. Sintrol provides high quality solutions and dust measuring devices to dozens of industries, including process, power plants, cement plants, equipment manufacturers, metallurgy, food manufacturers, among others. The cornerstones of our company are developing high-quality solutions which give genuine customer benefits, the highest quality standards in production and superior customer service.

Sintrol Facts:

  • Family owned, Founded in 1975.
  • Headquarters: Helsinki, Finland.
  • Sales Office: China, India.
  • Subsidiaries: Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan.

Sintrol provides high quality, customer oriented dust measurement solutions, improving its customer’s processes and monitoring their particulate emissions. Sintrol works closely with customers to build long term relationships centered around creating and delivering innovative and optimal solutions.


With the most advanced measurement principle as our foundation, we strive to be the global market leader for dust measurement needs. With a commitment to customer based R&D, innovative technology and the continued development of a global network of partners, we not only want to be the world’s most trusted dust measurement solution provider, we want to be the largest dust measurement provider.


Sintrol sells its products primarily through a distributor network that is closely supported by branch offices in Helsinki, Beijing and Delhi. Dust monitoring solutions are also provided to a diverse portfolio of global OEM partners.

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