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4-foot alloy 600 high-temperature pitot, 1/4-inch tube
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4-foot alloy 600 high-temperature pitot, 1/4-inch tube

Type-S pitot tubes are used to measure gas velocities. In source testing, much of the work is concerned with flowing gas streams. The source tester must generally calculate the volumetric flow rate of stack gas as well as the flow rate of the gas through the sampling apparatus. Apex Instruments manufactures type-S pitot tubes in accordance with the Method 2 design specifications.

Baseline coefficient value is 0.84. Wind-tunnel calibration services are available upon request.

If you need help configuring a part number for your type-S pitot quote, then call an Apex Instruments Sales Representative.

Type-S pitot tube design advantages:

  • Large openings resist plugging in particulate laden and saturated gas streams
  • Compact design fits easily in sampling ports
  • Maintains calibration in harsh environments
  • High differential pressure readings are beneficial in low-velocity gas streams
  • Suitable for determining cyclonic flow and measuring yaw-angle of the velocity vector
  • Economically priced