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Accu-Flow Measurement System

Accu-Flow Measurement System

The Apex Instruments Accu-Flow Measurement System is configured to use a standard S-Type pitot, a two-dimensional 3 hole prism-shaped probe or a three-dimensional 5 hole prism-shaped probe to accurately measure angular non-axial flow rates for Methods 2, 2F and 2G.

Key Features:

Since all of the sensors are mounted on the probe, accurate, stable readings can be obtained immediately. The larger ports reduce potential plugging. 1/4-inch pressure lines provide quicker response and are less likely to leak than standard 1/8-inch lines.

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The system provides a means for testers to improve the measurement of volumetric flow rates under cyclonic flow conditions existing in stacks and ducts. Substantial cost savings may be realized by utilizing multiple pitots, thus, minimizing the time of flow audits and also through Accu-Flow test results providing data to prevent source operation at undesirable loads.

Method 1 Traverse Points Sampling

Key features:

  1. All sensors are enclosed within the Pod enclosure
  2. Pod is securely mounted directly to the probe extension
  3. Results are immediate, stable and accurate
  4. Larger pitot ports reduce potential plugging
  5. 1/4-inch PTFE pressure lines provide rapid response rates versus standard 1/8-inch lines

Key advantages for the source:

  1. Reduce operating costs
  2. Operate at more desirable loads
  3. Report lower emissions
  4. Save time by using an automated system

Key advantages for the tester:

  1. Easy to use, rotate-to-null and record the yaw, angle, and ∆P
  2. Simple calibration, similar to S-type
  3. Decrease test time and minimize errors
  4. Automated calculations and data records
  5. Easy-to-use, intuitive software for your laptop

Apex Accu-Flow will save time and money as well as provide more accurate certifiable results.

Sample Method 2G Flow Modular System Components

2DPT22-D pitot, 2-hole prism-shaped tip with 1-foot sheath supplied with type-K thermocouple, 1/4-inch tube unions, 34 inches long
PT-CAL-W2G❑❑Method 2G, 2-D pitot calibration (wind tunnel), specify velocities, yaw angle offsets determination
32PTX-62-D pitot extension, 6-foot, 2-inch diameter sheath, split collar clamp with 1-inch inner diameter
32PTX-82-D pitot extension, 8-foot, 2-inch diameter sheath, split collar clamp with 1-inch inner diameter
AF-SC-3030-foot 2G cable with 7-pin, circular connectors
AF-SC-6060-foot 2G cable 7-pin, circular connectors
AF-SC-9090-foot 2G cable with 7-pin, circular connectors
AF-POD-5Method 2G POD contains two 5-inch pressure transducers, one 10-inch pressure transducer, one digital inclinometer, type-K thermocouple transmitter, barometric pressure sensor plus umbilical connector, 2-inch tube clamp, five barb connectors, one thermocouple jack, and Accu-Flow software (connects to laptop via USB, AF-POD-5 power and transmits data over current-loop connection
AF-PM1Single POD interface module contains USB HUB and current-loop transmitter for connecting AF-POD-5 to a single laptop

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