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Air-Cooled Method 5 Probes

Air-Cooled Method 5 Probes

Air-cooled Method 5 Probes up to 8 feet in length, applicable for high-temperature sources. Concentric tubular design allows the cooling air to return and exhaust out of the stack. The probe sheath is constructed from stainless steel tubing while the liner, pitot, thermocouple, and nozzle union are made from Inconel. A variable-speed high-capacity blower is needed for cooling.

Order blower separately.
Order probe heater separately, if necessary.

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Method 5 Air-Cooled Probes now come standard with modular pitots and an Inconel reducing union.

Performance Increase

In order to improve the airflow and cooling performance of our air-cooled probe, we have increased the outer diameter of the probe sheath from a 2-inch tube to a 2-inch pipe (2.375 inches).

Note: Using a hose that is more than 5 feet in length can reduce the airflow through the air-cooled probe.

Popular lengths

Part #Description
APS-4A4-foot air-cooled stainless-steel probe with Inconel liner
APS-6A6-foot air-cooled stainless-steel probe with Inconel liner
APS-8A8-foot air-cooled stainless-steel probe with Inconel liner

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