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Braided Sleeving

Braided Sleeving

Apex Instruments expandable sleeving is braided from 20 mil 6-6 nylon polyamide monofilament. Heavy-duty and flexible, this sleeving is extremely versatile in any industrial application that calls for abrasion protection without any sacrifice in flexibility or durability.

Flexo Super Duty outperforms all competitive round monofilament sleeving in standardized abrasion tests. SD is also more economical and easy to use, cutting cleanly with a hot knife, and expanding up to 50% for easy installation over plugs and connectors.

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EXP-❑- ❑ (Diameter)
EXP-4NExpanded sleeve, nylon, 1/4-inch diameter, relaxed, black
EXP-3NExpanded sleeve, nylon, 3/1-inch diameter, relaxed, black
EXP-5Expanded sleeve, nylon, 5/16-inch diameter relaxed, black
EXP-8SDExpanded sleeve, Flexo Super Duty, 1/2-inch diameter, black
EXP-12SDExpanded sleeve, Flexo Super Duty, 3/4-inch diameter, black
EXP-20SDExpanded sleeve, 1.25-inch diameter, relaxed, black
EXP-30AFTExpanded sleeve, 2-inch diameter relaxed, black
EXP-30HDExpanded sleeve, 2-inch diameter, relaxed, heavy-duty, black