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A broad range of applications like boiler trim, emission monitoring, ammonia slip monitoring, combustion efficiency, LEL warning indication or inner atmosphere control require analyzers with different measuring principles. Bühler offers optical, paramagnetic and zirconium technologies as well as tuned diode laser (TDL) gas analyzers.

*Analyzers from our vendors must be purchased as part of an integration and cannot be sold separately.*

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In combustion applications such as process heaters, steam generation boilers or furnaces, the amount of air needed to reach optimum system efficiency can vary rapidly. The optimum heat rate for these units, which may lie within narrow limits, can be achieved with the BA2000. Accurate O measurement is also essential in the control of NO and emissions. Equipped with a fast responding sensor and attached directly to the fire box, this analyzer provides immediate information to allow adjustment of the combustion process in real-time. The BA 2000 is designed to ensure accurate and rapid measurement in most combustion processes. The unique fast loop design continuously provides a fresh sample gas stream to the zirconium oxide sensor. The sensor enclosure is heated to 350°F to avoid condensation. The zirconium oxide sensor does not need any reference gas. 1-point-calibration of the sensor takes place with instrument air which is also used for the aspirator driving the sample gas. Optionally, a 2-point-calibration may be performed.


  • Fast response
  • Easy replacement of probe and filter
  • Easy to handle
  • Flue gas temperature up to 2900°F
  • Durable ZrO2 measuring cell
  • Display showing 0 concentration
  • 4-20 mA signal output
  • Ambient temperature -4°F up to 150°F
  • No reference gas needed
  • No calibration gas needed
  • Calibration by Instrument Air
  • No gas conditioning needed