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CI-701 Cascade Impactor

CI-701 Cascade Impactor

The Cascade Impactor is a seven-stage jet filter assembly that removes particles by diameter. It is able to filter from 17 to 0.2 microns in eight size classifications and is unaffected by moisture. The pre-cutter assembly allows the cascade impactor to be used horizontally, meaning it can attach to nearly any standard assembly. The pre-cutter includes six nozzles (1/8”, 3/16”, 1/4”, 5/16”, 3/8”, and 1/2”) to ensure correct flow rates.

CI-701K Cascade Impactor Kit includes 7 -stage impactor, a PRA-K pre-cutter, nozzles, an interconnecting tube, glass fiber filters (45 mm, 47 mm and GFDN filters), and a foil collection plate.


CI-701 Schematic

Part #Description
CI-7017-stage cascade impactor
CI-701KCascade impactor kit

CI-701 7-Stage Cascade Impactor

Part #Description
CI-JS12/0960Cascade impactor stage 2 jet
CI-JS90/0310Cascade impactor stage 3 jet
CI-JS110/0200Cascade impactor stage 4 jet
CI-JS110/0135Cascade impactor stage 5 jet
CI-JS90/0102Cascade impactor stage 6 jet
CI-JS40/0102Cascade impactor stage 7 jet
CI-CYLINDERCascade impactor cylinder
CI-CAPINCascade impactor inlet cap
CI-CAPOUTCascade impactor outlet cap
CI-FCCascade impactor filter collar
CI-CP45Impactor collection plate #1
CI-CP57/25Impactor collection plate #2-7, 2.25-inch (57 mm) x 1-inch (25.4 mm)
SFA-47SS47-mm stainless steel filter support screen
O-038VViton O-ring for cascade impactor outlet cap
O-139VViton O-ring for cascade impactor
O-229VViton O-ring for cascade impactor inlet cap

CI-701k Cascade Impactor Kit

Part #Description
CI-7017-stage cascade impactor
CI-FPSet of 7 lightweight stainless steel foil collection plate inserts
PRA-N41/8-inch pre-cutter nozzle, stainless steel, size 4
PRA-N63/16-inch pre-cutter nozzle, stainless steel, size 6
PRA-N81/4-inch pre-cutter nozzle, stainless steel, size 8
PRA-N105/16-inch pre-cutter nozzle, stainless steel, size 10
PRA-N123/8-inch pre-cutter nozzle, stainless steel, size 12
PRA-N161/2-inch pre-cutter nozzle, stainless steel, size 16
PRA-OT10Pre-cutter outlet tube
PRA-BODYPre-cutter body
PRA-CAPPre-cutter cap
PRA-CAPOUTPre-cutter cap with union (outlet)
PM2.5-10 CASEPM2.5-10 case with foam insert
10MSC8N-S5/8-1/2 inch tube union to MNPT, stainless steel connector
GFDN5.72 cm glass fiber filters for the CI-700 cascade impactor, 2.25 in outer diameter x 1 in inner diameter, 100 filters
GFDNQ5.72 cm quartz fiber filters for the CI-700 cascade impactor, 2.25 in outer diameter x 1 in inner diameter, 100 filters
GF-4545-mm glass fiber filters, 100 per box (Whatman 934AH)
GF-4747-mm glass fiber filters, 100 per box (Whatman 934AH-4.7cm)
O-024VViton O-ring for PM 2.5 cyclone, exit end, and pre-cutter. (1.25 outer diameter)
N-105/8-inch stainless steel tube nut
10FF-S5/8-inch stainless steel front ferrule
10FB-S5/8-inch stainless steel back ferrule
AZNI-4Premium-grade anti-seize, nickel-based, 1/4-oz tube, -65ºF to 2600ºF

Particle Sizing Data Reduction Software

Windows-based Cascade Impactor Data Reduction System (WINCIDRS) calculates particle size distribution of stack particulate matter (PM) taken with the Cascade Impactor, as well as particle sizing cyclones. Developed by stack particle analysis experts, this software reduces the time and chances of error involved with reducing particle sizing data.


  • Calculates each stage’s aerodynamic cut point and DP50, needed to reduce particle size data
  • Calculates and Stores ancillary data, such as dry gas composition and moisture content
  • Reduces velocity traverse data
  • Aids in selection of sample flow rates and ideal nozzle size
  • Calculates flow rates and dwell times required for PM10 and PM2.5 sampling traverses
  • Calculates fractional efficiencies of control devices from samples obtained at inlets and outlets


Additional information

Part Number

CI-701, CI-701-K, CI-FP