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Compact Method 23 Sampling Equipment

Compact Method 23 Sampling Equipment

The Apex Instruments Compact Method 23 sampling system is utilized for US EPA Method 23 Determination of Dioxins and Furans from stationary sources. Dioxins and furans are an unwanted by-product of combustion processes such as municipal and industrial waste, wood and oil burning.

The sample is withdrawn from the gas stream isokinetically, passed through the probe, through the filter assembly, and then through the glassware train.

Our new modified Method 23 glassware train is inspired by the current European design for Dioxins and Furans sampling equipment. This design is optimal for delivering reliable results while working with a lighter and more compact sample box configuration and is subject to the approval of the administrator for US EPA Method 23.




  • Compact and lightweight
  • Minimizes sample contamination
  • Reduces false-positive results
  • Leak-free, rigid assembly connections
  • External water-cooling for easier lifting
  • Works with any chilled water circulation
  • Compatible with other Apex Instruments equipment


The Method 23 glassware train cools the gas sample using a chilled water circulation system as it passes through the glass condenser, the sorbent module, and the glass impingers.


System Components:

  • Nozzle: Apex Instruments exclusive nozzle with shank and integrated ferrule and O-ring groove, offered in stainless steel, quartz, or borosilicate glass
  • Probe assembly: standard Apex Instruments Method 5 probe assembly including a 1-inch diameter sheath, a modular 3/8-inch pitot tip, 1/4-inch stainless steel quick connects, type-K thermocouples for stack and temperature, probe heater, and an Orsat line
  • Filter oven assembly: standard Apex Instruments Method 5 filter assembly with an SRB-10 riser box
  • Glassware cabinet: versatile glassware cabinet that houses the Method 23 glassware train and connects to our standard heated filter oven assembly
  • Glassware train: EU-inspired modified Method 23 glassware setup which uses a chilled-water circulation system to cool the gas and collect the analyte
    • Condenser: multi-coil, double-wall glass condenser
    • Sorbent module: XAD2 design glass sorbent trap with double walls that allow for a chilled water jacket
    • Condenser flask: collects moisture from the sample gas
    • Desiccant module: glass impinger filled with 500 mL of silica gel beads
    • Umbilical strain relief: designed to connect the final impinger outlet to the umbilical cable without any stress or undue pressure on the glass impinger