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Compact Method 5 Kit

Compact Method 5 Kit

The Compact Method 5 sampling kit features an independently heated stainless steel filter assembly (SFA-82H) that connects directly to a standard Method 5 probe.

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Method 5 – Determination of Particulate Matter Emissions from Stationary Sources – EPA Literature PDF

The compact Method 5 kit does not require a separate heated filter compartment and utilizes a flexible sample line and a split umbilical cord with a power adapter to allow sampling in space-limited areas. The standard glass impingers have been replaced with stainless steel impingers (SN-5CREVA) to eliminate glass breakage. Three filter assemblies are recommended to speed up the turnaround time between consecutive runs. All applicable components are rated 110 V at 60 Hz.Compact Method 5 Sampler Kit Schematic

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