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Controlled Condensate – Conditional Test Method CTM-13

Controlled Condensate – Conditional Test Method CTM-13

Controlled Condensate is an alternative to EPA Method 8 for determining sulfuric acid emissions. Sulfuric acid vapor or mist and the sulfur dioxide are separated by controlling the condensation based on the difference in dew points: both fractions are measured separately by the barium-thorin titration method.

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Method CTM-13 – Determination of Sulfuric Acid Vapor or Mist and Sulfur Dioxide Emissions from Kraft Recovery Furnaces

The controlled condensation method is the primary sampling and analytical tool for quantifying sulfuric acid emissions from stationary sources. The method is based upon the selective condensation of sulfuric acid from a gas stream by means of a water-cooled condenser. The major advantage of the condensation method is that it provides reliable and reproducible SO3 and SO2 values with minimal interference from high SO2 concentrations.

There are several versions of the method. Option “-V” is added for 240V.


Horizontal Condenser CCS Assembly

Horizontal condenser, CCS, assembly #28 controlled condensate Sampling with #11 port for cartridge heater, with heater and thermocouple assembly, #28 socket both ends, water jacket with hose barbs, thermocouple-well and #15 solid cap. GN-HCCH-A

Part NumberDescription
GN-HCCHHorizontal condenser for controlled condensate
7506-023/8-inch ID bushing with ACE #11 thread and O-ring
11710-119.5-mm PTFE ferrule with ACE #11 thread
GA-15CSolid screw cap with #15 threads and seal
MH-1253/8-inch diameter cartridge heater for GN-HCCH, 6-inch length
TCA-24T24-inch flexible, type-K thermocouple assembly

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