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DHM28-10 Digital Handheld Manometer

DHM28-10 Digital Handheld Manometer

The DHM28-10 is a precision instrument designed to measure a wide range of pressures to a very high accuracy. Features include: measurement in all common pressure ranges, display resolution to .001, differential or relative measurement, two line liquid crystal display, and adjustable auto power off to conserve battery.

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A certificate of calibration is included with the unit at no additional cost. The DHM28-10 can be used as a secondary calibration standard for your other pressure instrumentation.


  • Microprocessor-Based
  • Differential Gage, or Absolute
  • High Accuracy, 0.2%, 0.1%, or 0.5%  with Calibration Certificate
  • Selectable Scales
  • Resolution to 0.000 of Selected Unit
  • Accuracy, ±0.20% Full Scale ±1 Digit
  • Hold Function
  • Programmable Display
  • Memory for up to 964 Readings
  • Output for Optional Printer or Computer Interface
  • Input Range; US 0-10” in H2O,  Metric 0-2.5 kPa, Overpressure  12.5 kPa (50 in H2O)