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Double-Headed Single-Speed Peristaltic Pump

Double-Headed Single-Speed Peristaltic Pump

The Double-Headed Single-Speed Peristaltic Pump is ideal for removal of condensate from glass and stainless steel condensers.

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  • Two-channel head lets you pump two channels without stacking heads – automatic retention holds tubing securely in place with no manual adjustment.
  • Two-channel head lets you pump two synchronous flow channels (proper retention requires the use of the same size tubing in each channel).
  • Four-roller rotor improves pressure performance and mechanical stability while reducing pulsation.
  • Improved occlusion bed geometry lengthens tubing life.
  • Polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) housing with either stainless steel (SS) or cold rolled steel (CRS) rotor – choose CRS for economy or SS for greater durability and chemical resistance.
  • Each pump head for precision pump tubing accepts tubing sizes from 1/16” ID to 3/8” ID.
  • Achieve flow rates of 0.06 to 1000 mL/min (1 to 600 rpm).

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