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E-Spy Dust Monitors

E-Spy Dust Monitors

Manager your Dust Removal Process:

  • Reduce plant operating expenses.
  • Enhanced filtration system management.
  • Automatic set-up procedure.
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E-Spy is a revolutionary process monitor that helps optimize the performance of an ESP using state-ofthe art probe based technology. Recently developed by our engineers and valuated by research institutes here in Finland, our monitors continuously track the particulate measurements downstream from the ESP enabling plants to not only adhere to the strictest emission regulations, but also reduce overall energy costs. With hundreds of installations worldwide, this has become our fastest growing process control device since it both outperforms and is much more cost effective than the alternative optical monitors.

Hundreds of E-Spy have now been installed, and customers are proving to be very satisfied. An increasing number of dust monitors are now being replaced by the Sintrol E-Spy because it is inexpensive, easy to install and commission, requires hardly any maintenance and gives a reliable measurement signal.

The ESP operator can adjust the parameters to minimize the ESP maintenance requirements, operating costs and the expenses from dust emissions, while meeting all regulatory requirements.

Problems Solved

Since the purpose of using an ESP is to remove particulate matter from the gas passing through it, the only way to gain an understanding of its function is to obtain information on the efficiecy of the dust removal. This data is needed both for making adjustments to the ESP controler, as well as for reporting the emission levels to the authorities. By optimizing the operating parameters, costs can be minimized while still complying with pollution regulations.

However, obtaining an accurate dust concentration measurement after using an electrostatic precipitator was considered to be problematic. Optical dust monitors (opacity meters) are expensive to purchase and install, require expensive maintenance, yet the measurement results are still unreliable.

While optical dust monitors have been the traditional way of measuring dust concentrations immediately after an electrostatic precipitator, they have proven to have several disadvantages:

  • High investment / installation costs.
  • Labor intensive and expensive maintenance.
  • They need clean, dry air to function.
  • Vibration causes fractures and misalignment of the optics.
  • The availability of accurate measurement data is poor due to fractures, resulting in non-optimized and costly operation of the ESP.

E-Spy: The RevolutionaryAlternative

E-Spy brings an alternative ESP control solution to the previous high cost / high maintenance options.

By using this new dust monitor, the operator can:
  • Constantly optimize the operating parameters of the ESP; no measurement down time.
  • Judge the performance of the ESP based on output signal; identify maintenance needs.
  • Simplify the optimization of the rapping system; decrease energy costs and emissions.
  • Save on operating costs – ESPs can be run with the lowest possible energy consumption while still complying with authority requirements.
Industrial Apllications:
  • Power/Electricity Generation
  • Cement Industry
  • Chemicals Industry
  • Metals Industry
  • Paper Industry