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Ei-838 External Sampling Pump

Ei-838 External Sampling Pump

Our new lightweight and compact external sampling pump.

*See notes below for doing leakchecks on diaphragm pumps in Method 5 sampling.*

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  • German-made diaphragm pump.
  • Lightweight and compact design.
  • Compatible with all Apex Instruments Sampling Equipment.
  • Easy to attach, self sealing EPDM tubing.
  • Fast and knuckle-friendly durable polypropylene shell.


Motor: 24dc BLDC (Brushless DC) KNF 838 Motor.

Measured Flow: 70 lpm (2.5 cfm) at free flow | 21 lpm (.75 cfm) at 15 inch Hg;

Maximum Vacuum: 25.5” Hg.

Weight: 16 lbs., (7.25kg).

Special Back Half Leak Check Consideration:

For metering systems having diaphragm pumps, the normal leak-check procedure will not detect leakages within the pump. For these cases, the following leak-check procedure is suggested: make a 10-minute calibration run at 0.00035 cubic meters per minute (0.02 cubic feet per minute); at the end of the run, take the difference between the measured wet test meter and the dry gas meter volumes; divide the difference by 10, to get the leak rate. The leak rate should not exceed 0.00057 cubic meters per minute (0.02 cubic feet per minute). [Section No. 3.4.2, Page 5 of 22, Quality Assurance Handbook by EPA, 1980 Version]