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Gas Sampling Probes

Gas Sampling Probes

Gas Sampling Probe Assemblies are used for Instrumental Reference Methods. They incorporate the popular heater design from Method 5 probes so liners can be changed in seconds without disturbing the heater. The separate heater tube provides even heat distribution and isolates the electrical elements from the liner. The probe sheaths are constructed with a 2-inch stainless steel outersheath with a tube nut welded to the end for attachment to a porous filter or a bored cap. Probes are available in any length from 2-foot to 20-foot. The probes are manufactured to accommodate standard wattages or customized for hotter conditions. Add “V” to end of part number for 240 VAC.

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All IRM Probe Assemblies are available with 1-inch or 2-inch outer diameter stainless steel sheath, 2-inch outer diameter stainless steel sheath with a heater and a liner made from stainless steel, Inconel, quartz or glass (120 VAC at 60 Hz). Classic 1-inch outer diameter stainless steel sheath is also still available.

Gas Sampling Stainless Steel Probe Assemblies with Stainless Steel Liner

1" Sheath2" Sheath
LengthPart NumberPart Number
3 feetPC6-3SPC6-3S-O2
4 feetPC6-4SPC6-4S-O2
6 feetPC6-6SPC6-6S-O2
8 feetPC6-8SPC6-8S-O2
10 feetPC6-10SPC6-10S-O2
12 feetPC6-12SPC6-12S-O2

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