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Isokinetic Sample Boxes

Isokinetic Sample Boxes

Our SB-2 filter oven is at the end of it’s product cycle and we are clearing out all of our SB-2 Filter Ovens and SB-2 Filter Surplus Ovens.

The Surplus Ovens have a slightly different color door than the rest of the unit.

Constructed of lightweight, powder-coated aluminum with insulted aluminum panels. Stainless steel hardware. Internal reinforcements reduce flexing when testing with long probes. Front and rear doors provide greater accessibility. The handle is designed for attaching to a monorail for easy traversing. The 1″ probe clamp can be replaced with alternative probe clamps. All single probe filter Ovens will accept standard 2″, 3″, and 5″ filter assemblies.


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Apex Instruments Modular Sample Case Assemblies are versatile, lightweight and available in a variety of configurations. There are three different filter ovens (SB-2M-ST, SB-2M-ST-V) and two different risers that can attach to the bottom of the ovens, with four different impinger cases. The impinger cases slide on and off for easy changing of the impinger sets between test runs. Several standard assemblies are available or the individual components can be purchased separately. Please inquire for additional details.

The Modular Sample Frame (SB-8) with Probe Clamp is an ideal addition for sampling methods that require no heated filter compartment such as Method 8, Method 306 and in-stack filtration methods. The SB-8 secures the probe and impinger case in a rigid manner. The sample frame is made of durable powder coated aluminum with stainless steel probe clamp and impinger case slides.

Sample Case Risers attach to the base of the filter oven for test methods requiring extra height between the filter outlet and the first impinger. The SBR-10 Riser is required for attaching the impinger case to the SB-2M for rigid arrangements. SBR-18 Riser is primarily used for Method 23 sampling when using a vertical condenser.

Apex offers four different removable Sample Box Impinger Cases (SB-3, SB-4, SB-4SD, SB-5). These cases are constructed from a thicker aluminum to reduce cracking, durable polyethylene foam insulation, and pre-punched foam insert for holding the impinger bottles in place, and have a fold down handle with a rope centering guide and two high strength brackets for mounting strain relief. The cases slide on and off the heated filter box for easy changing of the impingers between test runs. All cases are equipped with a spring-loaded latch to prevent accidental slippage.

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