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Magnehelic Gauge

Magnehelic Gauge

Magnehelic Differential Pressure Gauge (0.5-0-0.5″w.c.) with Bezel provides flange for flush mounting in panel. Clear plastic face is highly resistant to breakage and provides undistorted viewing of pointer and scale and the precision litho-printed scale is accurate and easy to read. Red tipped pointer of heat treated aluminum tubing is easy to see. It is rigidly mounted on the helix shaft.

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Easy-to-read 4-inch dials indicate gas pressures; positive, negative, or differential. The gauges have a + 2% full-scale accuracy and include simple, frictionless Magnehelic magnetic movement. They are highly resistant to shock, vibration, and overpressure.

Standard Measure

MAG-2000-000-¼ inH₂O
MAG-2000-00-½ inH₂O
MAG-20010-1 inH₂O
MAG-20020-2 inH₂O
MAG-20020-5 inH₂O
MAG-20100-10 inH₂O

Metric Measure

MAG-2000-6MM0 to 6 mmH₂O
MAG-2000-25MM0 to 25 mmH₂O
MAG-2000-50MM0 to 50 mmH₂O
MAG-2000-100MM0 to 100 mmH₂O