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Mercury 30B System

Mercury 30B System

The automated XC-30B  system is designed to comply with and perform US EPA reference method 30B for RATA’s of vapor-phase mercury continuous emission monitors (CEMs) and sorbent trap monitoring systems (such as the XC-6000). Apex Instruments also offers the XC-260 console, a manual method 30B console.

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Method 30B – Determination of Total Vapor Phase Mercury Emissions from Coal-Fired Combustion Sources Using Carbon Sorbent Traps – EPA Literature PDF

The Mercury 30B Sorbent Trap System includes:

1XC-30BAutomated sampling console, Method 30B, laptop not included
1TEC-4000HGPThermoelectric gas cooler, 4000HgP, portable, dual-channel, Peltier-based chiller with temperature controller, two condensate collection vessels, two acid scrubber collection vessels, portable enclosure, 120VAC
1HGP-5-HD5-foot stainless steel Appendix K Mercury sampling probe, dual heater, 2-inch tube outer sheath, 10-mm fittings, type-K stack, trap and probe thermocouples, 1/2-inch sample lines, insulated junction enclosure
1HGUBS-75HD75-foot Appendix K Mercury braided insulated umbilical cable, heated sample line (1/4-inch) for paired sampling, 1/8-inch full-flow stainless steel quick connects, stack, trap, and probe type-K thermocouples, probe power cord with orange extruded jacket, 120 VAC, conduit configuration
1HGU-6DJ6-foot umbilical cable jumper (TEC-4000HGP portable chiller to XC-260 or XC-30B console)
1PF-4/40CLS4-inch bored pipe flange, 150-lb pattern, stainless steel, 2.670 bored diameter, welded size 40 cam-lock connector
1PG-32/40CL2-inch packing gland, stainless steel body, cam-loc
1LT-LAPTOPLaptop computer minimum 4GB RAM, at least 30 GB storage, fully loaded with software.
1210M-F-TG10 mm glass-filled PTFE single ferrule
1AK-STM-12BDeluxe Mercury audit kit for PS-12B/Method 30B system includes: a secondary reference meter, thermocouple simulator, vacuum gauge, handheld thermometer, portable vacuum insulated ice bath
1P1000-8Monorail, 8 feet, with chain, L-bracket, and hardware
1P2751Swivel-frame trolley with eye-bolt, 12-inch chain, and snap-hook
1HGP-1SJMercury probe support, “J” hook, attaches to standard monorail

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