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Mercury 30B System

Mercury XC-30B System

Mercury 30B System

The automated XC-30B  system is designed to comply with and perform US EPA reference method 30B for RATA’s of vapor-phase mercury continuous emission monitors (CEMs) and sorbent trap monitoring systems (such as the XC-6000). Apex Instruments also offers the XC-260 console, a manual method 30B console.

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Method 30B – Determination of Total Vapor Phase Mercury Emissions from Coal-Fired Combustion Sources Using Carbon Sorbent Traps – EPA Literature PDF

The Mercury 30B Sorbent Trap System Kit includes:

1SGC-4000HGPStirling Gas Cooler, 4000HgP,PORTABLE, 120V Dual-channel Refrigerant (Helium) based Chiller with Temperature Controller, 2 Condensate Collection Vessels, 2 Acid Scrubber Collection Vessels, Portable enclosure. 120VAC
1HGP-5-HD5 Ft SS App K Hg Sampling Probe,Dual Htr, 2” Tube Outer Sheath, 10mm Fittings. Type K Stack,Trap & Probe Thermocouples. 1/2” Sample Lines insulated junction enclosure.
1HGUBS-75HD75 foot Appendix K Hg BRAIDED INSUL.Umbilical Cable . Heated Sample Lines (1/4”) for Paired Sampling. 1/8 inch Full Flow SS QCs. Stack,Trap & Probe Type K TCs. Probe Power Cord,w. Orange Extruded Jacket, 120VAC. Conduit Config
1HGU-6DJ6 ft Umbilical Cable Jumper (SGC-4000HGP Portable Chiller to XC-260 or XC-30B Console)
1PF-4/40CLS4 inch Bored Pipe Flange, 150 lb pattern, Stainless Steel, 2.670 Bored Diameter, welded size 40 Cam-lock Connector
1PG-32/40CL2 inch Packing Gland, Stainless Steel Body, Cam-loc
1LT-LAPTOPLaptop Computer Minimum 4GB RAM, 30 gig, or equivalent, fully loaded with software.
210MMNU2-S-EXT4Stainless Steel Tubing, 3/4” o.d. x 5” L with two (2) 10mm ss nuts, welded
1210M-F-TG10 mm Glass-Filled Teflon Single Ferrule
1AK-STM-12BDeluxe Mercury Audit Kit for PS-12B/Method 30B System includes: mass flow meter, Thermocouple Simulator, vacuum gauge, Handlheld thermometer, portable vacuum insulated ice bath
1P1000-8 Monorail , 8 feet, with Chain, L-bracket & Hardware
1P2751 Swivel Frame Trolley with Eye-bolt, 12 inch Chain & Snap-hook
1HGP-1SJMercury Probe Support, “J” hook, attaches to standard monorail

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