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Air-Cooled Mercury Probe Accessories

Air-Cooled Mercury Probe Accessories

Apex Heated Mercury Sorbent Trap Probes are designed to accept a pair of standard 10 mm O.D. sorbent traps. The sorbent traps are placed at the probe inlet to prevent Hg transport losses during sampling. The traps are sealed in place with compression fittings using glass-filled PTFE ferrules. The probe is constructed from corrosion resistant tubing; the outer sheath is 2” O.D. and the inner liners are ½”. Alloy C276 is recommended for XC-6000 applications due the constant exposure to possible corrosive stack environments. Stainless steel probes are available for short term testing such as method 30B applications The probe is fitted with two heaters; one to heat the traps and the second for heating the portion outside of the stack. Standard lengths are available from 4 to 12 ft. long. Alternate lengths are available upon request.

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Air-Cooled Probes

For use in high temperature stack gas environments, Apex Instruments HGPA Air-cooled probes feature a 2” stainless steel or C276 outer sheath as standard, individually controlled heat zones and integrated stack, trap and probe thermocouples.

Blower and blower hose sold separately.

Note: Using a hoses that is more than 5 ft in length can reduce the air flow through the air-cooled probe.

Merc Air Cooled







Air-Cooled Mercury Probe Accessories

Part NumberHG, Air Cooled Heated Probe, Stainless Steel with Single Heaters
HGPA-AI6Air inlet for plant air, 3/8 fnpt, sanitary cap with pipe thread
Air-cooled probe-to-plant air adapter, includes: 1.5” stainless-steel sanitary cap, 1.5” q-clamp, and 3/8” FNPT stainless-steel half coupling
Air Hoses
HGBH-55-foot air hose
HGBH-1010-foot air hose
HGBH-1515-foot air hose
Blower assembly for air-cooled probe for non-continuous applications.


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