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Method 202 System

Method 202 System

This isokinetic method is used to measure Condensable Particulate Matter (CPM) from stationary source emissions after particulate matter has been removed by a heated filter, such as in Method 5, 17 or 201A. The CPM is collected in dry impingers.



Method 202 – Dry Impinger Method for Determining Condensable Particulate Emissions from Stationary Sources – EPA Literature PDF

Method 202 – US EPA Best Practices Handbook

US EPA – Proposed Revision to Method 202

The impinger contents are purged with nitrogen (N2) immediately after sample collection to remove dissolved sulfur dioxide (SO2) gases from the impinger. The organic and aqueous fractions are dried and the residues are weighed. The total of the aqueous and organic fractions represents the CPM.

Method 202 Sampling Accessories

SB-4SDM2Two Section Divided Impinger Box
GN-VCHM-M202Vertical Condenser #28 Socket to M202 Spiral Condenser, #28 Socket both ends Water Jacket Hose Barbs, High Moisture Source above 15%.
GN-9AKSAGlass Knock-out Impinger Assembly, Unground, (for HorizMM5) included with Long / Short Stem
GNFA-3U-18KCPM 3” Filter Assembly including Flexible TC
GF-3TMPTFE Membrane Filters with Support, 1 Micron Pore Size, 50/Box
MM5-PMM5-P Submersible Coolant Pump, 110V
MM5-PMMini Submersible Coolant Pump, 110V
SB-8Sample Frame with Probe Clamp
GNFA-BKTInsulation Blanket for GNFA-3U-18K Assembly

Method 202 Purge Accessories

Purge Regulatory Assembly

Regulate Argon, Carbon Dioxide and Nitrogen gases up  to 25 liters per minute.  Brass bodied regulator  features 0-250psi pressure gauge, 0-25lpm flow meter, horizontal fitting for gas source and vertical fitting to attach filter, TPFA line, elbow socket and purge stem. REG-NPA-202

Purge Regulatory Assembly

REG-NP-202Argon, CO2, Nitrogen Flow Meter Regulator, CGA580 Connection
FI2H-4T60B60u Inline Brass Filter, 1/4” Tube Union
4MSEL4N-PFA1/4 inch PFA Tube Fitting to 1/4 inch MNPT, Elbow Connector 3/16”
GA-29S4NTGPTFE Adapter Glass filled, 28mm Socket to 1/4” female NPT
GN-9AKS-PGlassware Stem for REG-NPA-202
TPFA-4/2PFA Tubing, 1/8” ID X 1/4” OD X .062” Wall

Method 202 - Purge Regulatory Assembly

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