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Method 26 Extension Kit for VersaCase (SK-626)

Method 26 Extension Kit for VersaCase (SK-626)

The Method 26 (Hydrogen Halides, Halogens) Extension Kit for VersaCase (SK-626) is required for modification of the Method 6 Source Sampling Kit (SK-606) in order to perform Method 26.The sample is passed through a pre-purged heated probe and filter into dilute sulfuric acid then dilute sodium hydroxide solutions which collect all the gaseous hydrogen halides and halogens, respectively. The filter collects particulate matter including halide salts but is not routinely recovered and analyzed. The separate solutions are analyzed by ion chromatography.

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Method 26 – Determination of Hydrogen Chloride Emissions from Stationary Sources – EPA Literature PDF

***Must buy SK-606 Method 6 sampling kit prior to SK-626 extension kit***

Kit includes:

  • Extended VersaCase probe clamp
  • Additional impingers
  • Liners
  • Heated filter assembly
  • Filters, PTFE membranes
  • Adapter
  • Heater assembly
  • Three-way heated assembly valve

MGN-3SBGlass 3-way valve with 12/5 unground socket joints inlet and outlet, ball joint purge
TFA-25B25-mm PTFE filter replacement body only with 1/4-inch tube union, no clamp
MH-50Firerod heater sub-assembly with power cord and thermocouple, 50-watt, 120 VAC, for MFH-25 filter clamp
GF-PF02025PTFE membrane, 25-mm, 30-60 micron, 10 per pack
PC-3/4EExtended 3/4-inch probe clamp (accepts MFH-25CA)
MGN-12B4Glass ball adapter, unground 12/5 ball to 1/4” tube with O-ring
MFH-25CAFilter clamp, threaded, aluminum, for 25mm filter assembly

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